Style Options
Title Placement
Top Left I Middle Left

Logo, Title, Slogan Above
On I Off

Navigation Uppercase
On I Off

Title Size
30px I 40px I 42px I 44px 46px I 48px

Sidebar Title Size
14px I 16px I 18px I 20px

Sidebar Placement
Left I Right I No Sidebar

Text Shadow
On I Off

Banner/Background Image
Remove sample banner image I Background Image Formatting
(to select when using a background image).
Background Textures/Colors
#1 I #2I#3I#4I#5I#6
Color/No Background Texture

Navigation Box Opacity
10% I 20% I 30% I 40%
50% I 60% I 70% I 80%
90% I On During Hover I Off

Illuminate's unique design provides you with the option of having the navigation always display, or to appear when hovering over a built-in menu button.

Spinniker I Arial I Georgia Questrial

Available for: Title, Slogan, Navigation, Sidebar Title (content text available in Arial and Georgia).

Content Background I Title
TItle Above I Slogan
Slogan Above I Sidebar Title Menu/Navigation Text
Body Text I Sidebar Text
Footer Text I Breadcrumb Text
Single Page Photo Album Border
Social Icons I Headers
Links I Links Hover
Contact Field

Banner Width/Height
The width of images will automatically scale to 960px.

The height of the banner image will display as the height of the actual image used.

(When determining which banner images to use, the number of navigation links necessary for your site should be taken into consideration. The width of images will automatically scale to 960px).
Illuminate comes with a built-in link that will take visitors to your main page. Logo height must not exceed 85px for proper rendering. Logo width can accommodate up to several hundred pixels if necessary.

Stacks 2/Browsers
The main page, Style Options page, and Tutorial Page were created in part, with Stacks 2, custom code (hover-effect), and Joe Workman's Responsive Layout Stacks, to ensure a fluid and consistent display of content. Non-responsive stacks may not display properly on smaller devices.

*Illuminate is supported in the latest versions of Safari, Mobile Safari, Android, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox.