Adding A Blog Entry

blog3The Blog page allows you to manage a collection of blog entries; recording personal events, thoughts, ideas and more. You may also add audio or video files to a blog entry to create Podcasts. All of these can be syndicated using RSS feeds.

To add a new entry to your Blog, just click the [+] button located just below the blog entry list.

Post Settings

The Post Settings area slides out from the right, where we can set up the catgories, tags and other information for this post. The time and date for the post is automatically set to the time you add the entry. However you can change the time or date by typing it directly into the time-and-date field, or set it to the current time and date by clicking the Clock button. Give your blog entry a title and then type your blog post in the Body box, located in the lower half of the page.


blog5In each blog entry you can use smileys just like in iChat. The Blog page style supports 8 different smiley emotions. For example, entering :-) in your blog, RapidWeaver will convert it into a graphic.