Built-In Slideshow


Built-In Slideshow Transitions


Photo, Movie, File Sharing & Contact Page Title Size

55 px
65 px
75 px
Title Size

60 px
65 px
70 px
75 px
80 px
85 px
90 px
95 px
100 px
Slogan Size

22 px
24 px
26 px
28 px
30 px
32 px
Sidebar Title Size

50 px
55 px
60 px
65 px
70 px
75 px
Navigation / Content Text Size

13 px
14 px
15 px
16 px
Title Border Size

No Border
5 px
10 px
15 px
Slogan Letter Spacing

1 px
2 px
3 px
4 px
5 px


No Banner
Main Content Image Background Formatting
Main Content Tablet / iPhone Background Color On
Extra Contents 4-8 Tablet / iPhone Background Color On
Navigation Scroll Off
Navigation Border Off
Sidebar On
Photo Page Title, Description Extra Content Area On
Movie Page Title, Description Extra Content Area On
Blog Sidebar Above
Blog Entry Light Opacity Background
Blog Entry Dark Opacity Background
Blog Entry No Background
Contact Form Light Opacity Background
Contact Form Dark Opacity Background
Contact Form No Background
Main Content, Extra Contents #4-8 Background Textures

Background 1 = Dark Wood
Background 2 = Light Grey
Background 3 = White Squares
Background 4 = Light Wood
Background 5 = Dark Grey
Background 6 = Sand
Background 7 = Dark Boxes
Background 8 = Tire
Background 9 = Grey Linen
Background 10 = Dark Squares
Background 11 = White Lines
Background 12 = Swirl
Fonts (Title, Slogan, Navigation, Sidebar, Headers)


* Arial, Georgia & Questrial available for content text.
Slogan Top Margin

0 px
5 px
10 px
15 px
20 px
25 px

Content/Single Photo Page Background
Extra Content #4 Background
Extra Content #5 Background
Extra Content #6 Background
Extra Content #7 Background
Extra Content #8 Background
Title & Slogan iPhone Background
Photo and Movie Extra Content Background
Sidebar Background
Sidebar Top and Bottom Borders
Colors Cont.

Title / Menu Bottom Border
Sidebar Title
Social Icons
Social Icons Background
Social Icons Top Border
Social Icons Hover
Social Icons Background Hover
Menu/Navigation Text
Colors Cont.

Navigation Background
Current Link and Navigation Text Hover
Current Link and Navigation Background Hover
Navigation Border
Tablet/iPhone Navigation Link Border
Body Text
Sidebar Text
Footer Text
Footer iPhone Text
Content Links
Content Links Hover Color
Colors Cont.

Headers-H1-6 Tags, Photo,
Movie Album, File Sharing and Contact Title
Border Bottom - Photo, Movie Album, File Sharing and Contact Title
Photo Caption Text
Photo Caption Text Hover
Photo Caption Background Hover
Movie Caption Text
Movie Caption Background
Blog Entry Title
Blog Entry Color Background
Blog Tag Borders
Colors Cont.

FIle Sharing Box Background
File Sharing Box Background Hover
Contact Form Background
Contact Form Input Background
Contact Form Input Text
Contact Form Submit/Reset Button Text
Contact Form Submit/Reset Button Text Hover
Contact Form Submit/Reset Background
Contact Form Submit/Reset Background Hover

Background Images

We believe background images are awesome, which is why we have provided users with the ability to utilize this feature with Halogen. However, content background images may not re-size proportionally on tablet and handheld devices. This is a known limitation for that platform of viewing websites. This has nothing to do with the theme and everything to do with the functionality and limitations of those devices. As an alternative, Halogen includes in the Toggle section under the Tablet / iPhone options, the ability to utilize a background image on the desktop, but then convert the image to a background color of your choosing when viewing the page on tablet / handheld devices.
Fixed Navigation

Halogen features a new and unique trend in web design -- fixed Navigation. This means the navigation will stay fixed at the top of the page, no matter where you are on the page for easy access to your site's pages. This preview site utilizes this feature. However, for proper functionality on mobile devices, the feature is disabled.

Halogen has the capacity to accommodate a logo and will display it above the site title. If the site title is not utilized, the logo will display where the title is placed. There are no set width or height requirements for the logo.

*The slight opacity treatment to these boxes were created with customized code, however this same treatment is an option for your blog entries as seen on the main blog page of this preview site.