Michael David Design

Adding a Blog Entry

The Post Settings area slides out from the right, where you can set up the categories, tags and other information for this post. The time and date for the post is automatically set to the time you add the entry. However, you can change the time or date by typing it directly into the time-and-date field, or set it to the current time and date by clicking the Clock button. Give your blog entry a title and then type your blog post in the Body box, located in the lower half of the page.

Editing A Blog Entry

The post editing area is a full Styled Text area as found elsewhere in RapidWeaver, allowing you to format the text, and add links, HTML, movies and images. You may also use the Page Assets feature.


In each blog entry you can use smileys just like in iChat. The Blog page style supports 8 different smiley emotions. For example, if you enter :-) in your blog, RapidWeaver will convert it into a graphic.