Since Codex differs significantly from other typical RapidWeaver themes,
we've provided the following information to answer some questions
you might have about our product.

1. Why build a theme with only one page?
For a number of reasons. In part, due to the overwhelming positive response of our redesign of and the number of requests we have received to create a theme that would look like the site.

Mainly, due to the popularity of one page websites. Visitors LOVE the ease of accessing important information on one page. The challenge was to design a one-page theme that provided the ease that visitors appreciate, while still maintaining a design that was aesthetically pleasing, as well as functional for RapidWeaver users.

We understand this theme is not for everyone, but for those who can make it work for them, Enjoy.
2. Can I get away with using the theme without Stacks 2?
Yes. If your site only requires the use of the banner area and one main content area, you can build a site with Codex without Stacks 2. However, to fully take advantage of all the features and functions of Codex, including the 6 Extra Content Areas, Stacks 2 is REQUIRED. The preview site was built with Stacks 2.
3. Can I use other built-in RapidWeaver pages such as the Photo or Blog Page?
Simply put, no. Codex was built to display content on one page. However, you CAN create additional Styled Text or Stacks 2 pages on your own with Codex, and you can use images or text on your main site to create links to those pages. Codex accommodates these secondary pages by providing the ability to return back to your main site from these pages as demonstrated on this page. For additional information on how to utilize this feature, please see the Tutorial page.
4. The one-page navigation is a great feature, but what about Codex's compatibility with different browsers?
We are pleased to inform you that Codex is compatible with the most recent versions of Google Chrome, Mobile Safari, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10.
5. I don't see a logo displayed on your preview site. Does Codex accommodate a logo?
Absolutely. You have two options: if you have a logo and title, your logo will display above the title. If you prefer to use a logo instead of a title, your logo will take the place of the title. For additional information on placing a logo within Codex, please view the Tutorial.
6. How many main navigation links can I have, and can I have sub-pages?
The design of Codex devotes the entire width of the site to display navigation links in one row. As demonstrated on the preview site, Codex had no problem displaying seven navigation links. However, it is important to note that the number of links Codex can accommodate is dependent upon the length of the names of navigation links.

Due to the unique style and functionality of one-page navigation, Codex does not include the use of sub-pages.
7. Does Codex have an optional sidebar?
Unfortunately, no. The design and function of Codex, including the use of Extra Content Areas and the one-page scrolling navigation feature, does not support a sidebar.