Capture highlights your banner images in a unique and creative way. As an optional feature, you can choose to have different images correspond to each of your main navigation links. This means that when your visitors scroll over your navigation links, the banner image will change accordingly. Have 6 navigation links but only want to feature 2 images? That's possible, too. And if you prefer to not utilize this feature, it can be easily disabled.


Capture's navigation bar sticks around regardless of your position on the page, making it easy for visitors to find their way around your site. However, if you prefer a traditional, fixed placement (under the banner), this feature can be disabled with a single click. Capture also comes with a built-in, optional back-to-top arrow for even smoother navigating.


Capture comes with a responsive, built-in slideshow. No 3rd party product required. You can choose the number of slides, as well as the type of transition.


Capture has 5 built-in Extra Content Areas, in addition to the Main Content area and the Sidebar area. This provides 7 distinct content areas for your text and images. With each area, you have the option of using a background image, or a solid background color of your choice. The sidebar can be placed above or below your main content area, or you can choose to not display it at all. With Capture, the design possibilities are endless.


Capture is a responsive theme, which means that it will maintain it's beautiful design and remarkable functionality on mobile devices, too.


Capture offers many design possibilities with 13 custom fonts, 30+ color options, and 72 social icons. You can also choose a light or dark opacity for your title box and navigation bar, with 10% to 90% opacity options. The content divider lines shown here and the home page are also optional and color customizable.