Movement attracts, and the Play Vid Stack makes it easy to capture and hold your visitors’ attention. Add another level of clean, visual dimension to your site with this modern and on-trend new feature.


Control the look and feel of your video with several simple options. Want to display more than one video on your page? That’s possible, too. See below for more information.

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Choose to display a video in the banner area, and/or the content area of your site.

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Choose whether or not to display the video controls, such as the play and pause buttons.

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Choose the Autoplay feature if you would like your video to play automatically upon page loading.

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Choose whether you want the video to display in a continuous loop, or only play once.

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Choose whether you want to have the audio available or muted.

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Choose between several video type options, incl MP4, Ogg, WebM; or embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo.


Play Vid looks great on mobile devices, too. However, due to themes with the title/slogan and/or text in the banner area, video play in the banner area has been disabled on smaller mobile devices. Due to the limitations of handheld devices, videos placed in the content area will not play automatically, but will easily play with a touch of the play button.

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You will receive two separate Video Stacks. The PLAY HTML 5 Video Stack will allow for playing videos in an appropriate video format such as MP4. The PLAY Embed Video Stack will allow for embedding videos from such sites as YouTube and Vimeo.

Instructions for PLAY HTML 5 Video Stack
1. Upload a video of your choosing to your website.
2. Drag the PLAY HTML 5 Video Stack to your Stacks page. Enter in the web address of your video in the appropriate section of the stack settings.
3. Choose your layout preferences such as Video Banner display to feature your video in the banner area, as seen on this preview page.
(Supports MP4, Ogg, and WebM.)
4. Choose a poster image. On tablet and mobile devices, the poster image is displayed as a static image before the video plays. Due to the limitations of these devices, a poster image is required for display purposes. Create a poster image as you would a banner image, and place the jpg in the Resources section of your project file. In the edit mode of the stack, under Poster URL, click Set Link. From the drop down options, choose Resources, and then choose the jpg image you would like to use.

Instructions for PLAY Embed Video Stack
1. Drag the PLAY Embed Video Stack to your Stacks page.
2. Select the video control/display options within the video platform you are using. Due to the nature of YouTube and Vimeo videos, the built-in control/display options which can be used with the PLAY HTML 5 stack do not apply to this stack.
3. Copy the embed code from YouTube or Vimeo and paste it in the Video Embed Code section in the Stacks setting.
4. See above.

To display a video in the banner area and an additional video in the content area, drag a second video stack to your Stacks page and choose NO for the Video In Banner option for the second stack.

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