Where can I find a theme tutorial?

Each theme contains a tutorial that is found on the preview site as a sub-link under the Home page labeled Tutorial. Our one-page theme Codex also includes a tutorial on the preview site at the following link: Codex Tutorial.

Does Michael David Design update themes? If so, how do I learn more?

Yes. We will update themes to add new features and provide fixes for known issues. To view a comprehensive list of all Michael David Design themes, version #'s, and a description of the udpates, please visit our updates page at the following link: Updates.

Where can I access download links for previous purchases?

For easy access to your download link, please use the following link: Order Lookup.
If you are unable to access your order, you can e-mail us directly to receive a new download link.

How can I receive a discount on my purchase?

There are a few options.
#1. Once you become a Michael David Design customer, you will automatically receive a discount for the first week of all future theme releases.
#2. We typically offer a bundled theme discount that varies through out the year.
#3. Every year we have at least one sale with significant discounts offered.

Why follow Michael David Design on twitter?

It's a great and easy way to stay up to date with the latest product releases, and any current promotions.

Are there RapidWeaver tutorials available?

Yes. The team over at Realmac provide numerous resources/tutorials for the RapidWeaver community and can be found at the following link: RapidWeaver Tutorials.

Does Michael David Design accommodate client work?

We will be offering a few options in the very near future. In the meantime, reach out to us for any website work you may have.

I need to modify/add additional features to the theme, what can I do?

While all Michael David Design themes have numerous built-in options to customize a theme, we understand the need to make additional changes. However, modifying the code in any way voids support from Michael David Design.

For an additional $50 fee, custom theme support is provided for slight modifications. For more than slight alterations, we recommend hiring a web developer.

I have contacted Michael David Design, when can I expect a response?

Inquires are reviewed and responded to within 24 to 48 hours.